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RULEZ Gold Upon Gold 85s "Miami Bluez"

RULEZ Gold Upon Gold 85s "Miami Bluez"

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Step into the spotlight with the dazzling RULEZ Gold Upon Gold 85s Miami Blues! These aren’t just sneakers; they’re your ticket to a world where every step glitters and every move is a dance under the Miami sun. Inspired by the vibrant beats and electric nights of Miami, these shoes are a symphony of style that sings to the rhythm of the city.

Crafted for those who dare to stand out, the Gold Upon Gold 85s are a bold statement of fashion and function. With a colorway that captures the essence of Miami’s iconic sunsets and nightlife, these sneakers are a masterpiece that turns heads and hearts.


  • Gold Upon Gold: A tribute to RULEZ’s hit album, each step in these sneakers is like walking on a track of pure gold.
  • Miami Blues: The cool blue hues are reminiscent of Miami’s coastal charm, providing a serene contrast to the golden glam.
  • Comfort Fit: Dance the night away or stroll the streets in comfort, thanks to the cushioned soles that support your every move.
  • Limited Edition: Like the most unforgettable nights, these sneakers are a limited edition release, making them a coveted collectible.

Whether you’re hitting the club or cruising the boardwalk, the RULEZ Gold Upon Gold 85s Miami Blues are your perfect partner in shine. So lace up, light up the scene, and let the world know that you play by your own RULEZ! 🌟👟

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