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RULEZ Gold Upon Gold 85s "Funk Trunk"

RULEZ Gold Upon Gold 85s "Funk Trunk"

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🎶 Hit the Streets with the Groove of RULEZ Gold Upon Gold 85s “Funk Trunk” 🎶

Get ready to funk up your step with the latest sensation from RULEZ - the Gold Upon Gold 85s “Funk Trunk”. These sneakers are a homage to the deep, groovy basslines and the electrifying spirit of funk music that gets your heart thumping and feet moving.

Why They’re a Must-Have:

  • Retro Vibes: Embrace the soul of the '70s with a design that’s as funky as the tunes of the era.
  • Supreme Comfort: Dance all night long with the plush Highbury insole that cradles your feet in comfort.
  • Street-Ready Style: Whether you’re hitting the club or the pavement, these kicks will keep your style on point.
  • Lasting Quality: Crafted for the movers and shakers, the durable rubber sole means you can keep on grooving without missing a beat.

Secure Your Pair Now! Available in a range of sizes to ensure the perfect fit for every funk aficionado. Step into the RULEZ Gold Upon Gold 85s “Funk Trunk” and let your style sing as loud as your favorite funk track!

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